Bilingual Artist Book with French translations by the author with lithographs by Kate Van Houton, EstepaEditions, Paris, France, 2016

Poet & Translator

Eléna Rivera was born in Mexico City and grew up in France. Her new book of poetry Scaffolding (2017) is available from the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets. Recent chapbooks include LE SOUCI FORMEL/​ the formal concern from Belladonna* (2016) and her bilingual artist book Disturbances in an Ocean of Air (Estepa Editions, France, artwork by Kate Van Houten). Other books of poetry are Atmosphered (Oystercatcher Press), On The Nature of Position and Tone (Fields Press) and The Perforated Map (Shearsman Books). Her translation of The Ink’s Path by Bernard Noël was published by Cadastre8zero (November 2018) in a bilingual edition with artwork by François Rouan.