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   Bernard Noël

The Ink’s Path by Bernard Noël, Cadastre8zero (November 2018) in a bilingual edition with artwork by François Rouan.

Anna's Tongue, a novella, currently unpublished

The Rest of the Voyage, Graywolf Press, 2011

2010 Robert Fagles Translation Prize, National Poetry Series

“At last, the uncanny brilliance of Bernard Noël in a striking English translation attentive to the rhythms, Noël's impulsive catlike jabs, and sound patterns of the French. In Eléna Rivera's translation, Noël's poems evoke place as the event of the present in all its palimpsestic fullness. Knowing that time is where 'language is swept up and blown away,' Noël anchors his faith in now, in its lists, fragmented sketches and koans, in its endlessly opening doors, its libraries in ashes, and, significantly, in the body itself, which we discover, he writes, as a form of the incompleteness of the present. With unstoppable energy, its poems saturated in acetylcholine, The Rest of the Voyage lights up our ongoing moment in the blurred panorama of our lives.” ―Forrest Gander

Listen to Bernard Noël and me read au Fumoir du China, 25 Oct 2010
Double Change reading

   Isabelle Baladine Howald

Phantomb by Isabelle Baladine Howald, currently unpublished

Parting Movement, Constantly Prevented Oystercatcher Press, Norfolk, U.K., 2014

The Pain of Returning, Mindmade Books, Los Angeles, CA, 2012

Secret of the Breath, Burning Deck Press, Providence, RI, 2008

“The themes [of the relationship between lovers and death] surface in Howald’s fine minialist book of poetry…. As two characters try to hold on to themselves and to life…the reader is brought into the middle of a series of actions that are desperate. .. To Howald, death is a progression that starts long before it becomes symptomatic. A wonderful book of art and artifice, Secret of Breath will entrance the reader with it spare but haunting conversation.” —John Jacob, Rain Taxi Review of Books (Spring 09)


Chapbook, selection by Sandra Moussempès from Sunny Girls,
above/ground press, March 7, 2017, Ottawa, Canada.

Review of Sandra Moussempès'
"From: Sunny Girls>" chaplet at Yellow Rabbits Review #16

Sandra Moussempès, selection from Sunny Girls in Writing the Real: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary French Poetry. Enitharmon Press, UK, 2017. Translation reviewed in Nazione Indiana in Italy.

Isabelle Garron, selection The Contemporary Step, xpoetics, 2014

Isabelle Garron, selection The Contemporary Step, Aufgabe 10, Cole Swensen, guest and feature editor, 2011

Bernard Noël, “Tulum,” The Nation, 2011

Bernard Noël, “Dresden”, Denver Quarterly, Volume 45, No. 2

Bernard Noël, 3 poems, Web Conjunctions, Bard College, NY 2009