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"Translation: A Movement," in Kitchen Table Translation, ed. by Madhu H. Kaza, Aster(ix), Summer 2017


Read Laura Mullen on Le Souci Formel in "What I'm Reading Now ..." at Tarpaulin Sky, 2017

"The Enigmatic Torque of Eléna Rivera" by Jennifer K. Dick Jennifer K. Dick Blog, 2016

Atmosphered reviewed by Ian Brinton in Tears in the Fence, 2014

Tyrone Williams reviews On The Nature of Position and Tone, Jacket2, 2014

"Eléna Rivera’s Remembrance of Things Plastic" by Richard Scheiwe Sink Review

"Overture" reviewed in series of short reviews published on metambesen.org on intercapillary space

Scott Thurston review The Perforated Map Stride Magazine UK, 2013

“I,” “You,” “Mine”: Subject and Quotation in Eléna Rivera's Mistakes, Accidents, and a Want of Liberty by David Kennedy and Christine Kennedy in Journal of American Studies November 2010 44 : pp 709-723, Cambridge University Press, UK, 2010

In Respect of Distance, Reviewed by Alex Pestell, Signals Magazine, Issue 4, Spring 2008, UK

Unknowne Land introduction by Thom Donovan Peace on A Presents, New York, NY, 2007

Unknowne Land reviewed by Rusty Morrison, Poetry Flash, San Francisco, CA, Summer 2003

Unknowne Land reviewed by Dawn-Michelle Baude, Chicago Review, Chicago, IL, June 30, 2003

Unknowne Land reviewed by Elizabeth Willis, Poetry Project Newsletter, New York, NY, January 2001