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Poetry Books

Unknowne Land

Kelsey Street Press, Berkeley, CA, 2000,

Winner of the Frances Jaffer Book Award, 1999






LE SOUCI FORMEL/the formal concern

New from Belladonna* Chaplet #211
Brooklyn, NY 2017

Test of Labor

Download pdf

Essay Press #26,

Labor Poetic Labor! 2: Into The Archive, curated by Jill Magi

On the Nature of Position and Tone

Fields Press, Chicago and New York, 2012



Metambesen Books, Annandale-on-Hudson, 2014

Remembrance of Things Plastic

LRL e- editions, San Marcos, TX, 2010
Download available from Little Red Leaves

Mistakes, Accidents, and a Want of Liberty

Barque Press, London, UK, 2006
"...whenever my condition was improved, instead of its increasing my contentedness, it only increased my desire to be free." —Frederick Douglass

Wale; or The Corse

Leave Books, Buffalo, N.Y., 1994