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Unknowne Land

Kelsey Street Press, Berkeley, CA, 2000
Winner of the Frances Jaffer Book Award, 1999
Order from Small Press Distribution, copies still available.

Unknowne Land reviewed by Dawn-Michelle Baude, Chicago Review, Vol. 49, No.1 (SPRING 2003), Chicago, IL, June 30, 2003 [JSTOR].

Unknowne Land reviewed by Rusty Morrison, Poetry Flash, San Francisco, CA, Summer 2003

Unknowne Land reviewed by Elizabeth Willis, Poetry Project Newsletter, New York, NY, January 2001

"...this is a poem of and about extremity, and it reiterates poetry's ongoing role as an extreme discourse of beginnings and apocalypses, strophes and catastrophes. Language explodes or implodes between the double pressures of tradition and innovation. the eruptions and earthquakes and tremblings in Unknowne Land are only the most literal manifestation of this tension." —Elizabeth Willis

Unknowne Land
introduction by Thom Donovan
Peace on A Presents, New York, NY, 2007

From Unknowne Land
Page on French artist Guillemette Buffault's website, Paris, 2015

Selection from Unknowne Land at Salt Hill, Syracuse, NY, 1999